NGO DoaR (Donate an Hour) is motivating every individual to Donate an Hour for educating the underprivileged children and building a better society.

When a 11 years old boy, Harshal can work for the betterment of the society (educating underprivileged children), then why we all can’t. It’s just a matter of donating some hours of your life to make a better society.

Started from the drawing-room, a spreading at parks and other public places, within a year, DoaR India made it’s way to various parts of Gurgaon and attracted volunteers to donate time for the cause.

DoaR says they believe that without participation at the ground level and just donating money will not bring any significant change at any level and hence they aimed at “Donate time to shape lives”

Donate an Hour is an NGO with a difference that aims to build a social support system for the education of the underprivileged children.

Humans are full of potential and ‘Donate an hour’ require just one hour from your 24 hour long day so that they can utilise your time for the upliftment of the underprivileged children.

Donate an Hour or DoaR India consists of people from diverse backgrounds and different walks of society, joined together with the aim of giving it back to the society.They are

  • Full time employed professionals
  • Retired professionals
  • Other talented and concerned Indians
  • who come together, after their working hours, to teach and mentor the underprivileged kids to fill the gap of their parental guidance. Their team is coaching and mentoring children, thus providing the required guidance and motivation.

Together they bring to the organization expertise in child development, counselling, education and project execution. It’s a registered trust since 2015 where a large number of children benefit from the services and the number is growing!

While government is spending billions to provide the education to the economically weaker section, the quality of the education has been dismal and not up to the mark. Children who are about to leave primary schools cannot even read properly. There is a big gap in the class they are enrolled and their knowledge. It is primarily due to lack of after school support system (i.e. parental guidance, lack of space and improper environment for study etc.), which is generally available to a child with educated parents. This ultimately leads to higher dropouts at primary and secondary schools which in turn increases the chances of child labor and less productive adulthood.

DoaR intend to bridge this gap by providing the children the much needed after school support, which is much underestimated but an extremely important aspect of nurturing a child’s career.

Having a large number of underprivileged children, categorized in various groups as per their level in studies they-
• Run daily evening classes after office hours.
• Focus on making study an interesting thing in their life so they eventually develop an interest in what they are learning and remain motivated to join the regular school.
• Teach the concepts with help of toys and trash.
• Once in a week council their parents.
• Weekly survey to the local area and encourage children to attend the school and their classes regularly.
• Provide home tuition to the senior students.
• Mentor the school dropouts to continue their studies so they can be encouraged to join the school again.
• Arrange weekly events and groom in other areas like sports, music, dance etc.

The biggest challenge was to keep children motivated to attend the class; the movement was started with 10 children and in 9 months they have successfully engaged 70+ volunteers in 8 sectors of Gurgaon, mentored 400 plus children and have maintained 85 % of daily attendance.

Here is their story in Media:

They believe that knowledge grows by sharing and that education is not just limited to curriculum books but encompasses the vast ocean of knowledge that surrounds us.

If you believe in their ethos and are ready to volunteer, they are waiting to hear from you, contact them and contribute for the society.


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