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26 Biggest achievements of India till 26.1.22

Here’s a list of 26 big achievements of India which has held every Indian’s head high with pride.

What next would you like to add to the list?

Emergency Gas (LPG) Leakage 24×7 Helpline by Government of India launched under Digital India

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan on Friday inaugurated an all India round the clock helpline — 1906  for LPG leaks.

Each oil marketing company used to have a separate helpline for gas leaks. Consumers now have to just dial 1906, to receive prompt help, Mr. Pradhan said.

The number – ‘1906’ is a call-centre based service, available pan-India to all LPG customers of the three public sector Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), a government statement said.

The helpline offers services in nine vernacular languages – Marathi; Gujarati; Bengali; Oriya; Assamese; Tamil; Telugu; Kannada; and Malayalam- apart from Hindi and English, to ensure that the callers are comfortable in registering their grievances.

The number was not toll-free at the moment, but Mr. Pradhan had asked the heads of the OMCs to make it toll-free soon.

Did you know these 8 achievements of ISRO which made India stood parallel to America and Russia?

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched a record 20 satellites in a single mission from Satish Dhawan Space Centre with PSLV- C34 in Sriharikota today which led India as a 3rd country in the world to do so. The satellites included Cartosat-2 series satellite for earth observation and 19 co-passenger satellites from US, Canada, Germany, Indonesia and two Indian academic institutions.

Image Source: ISRO

US has launched 29 satellites in 2013 and Russia 33 in 2014. India ranks 3rd by launching 20 satellites in 2016 today. It’s not the first time that ISRO is successful in launching satellites in a single mission. It has previously also launched 10 satellites in 2008 in a single mission and now it’s a new achievement in the field of space science.


ISRO’s other achievements are:

  1. ISRO had launched it’s first rocket in 1963.
  2. Within 9 years of it’s establishment ISRO was successful in launching it’s first satellite in the orbit of the Earth in 1975.
  3. In 2009 ISRO bagged another achievement by sending humanless satellite to the Moon which led India stand parallel to US and Russia.
  4. In 2014 ISRO made history by successful launch of “Mangalyan”defeating American Space Agency NASA as the cost of India’s “Mangalyan” was much inexpensive than NASA.
  5. India’s cost of satellite launching is 60% lower than the cost incurred by any other foreign space agency.
  6. ISRO has been successful in launching all the foreign satellites so far.
  7. More than 57 space agencies from 20 countries are taking help from ISRO for their satellite launching since 2009.
  8. India is going to soon launch it’s own “Made In India” Satellite Navigation System IRNSS like GPS. All the required satellites for the same have already been successfully launched.

Image Source: ISRO

We congratulate to team ISRO for their achievements so far and wish them goodluck for all their future endeavours and making India shine.


Meet Diwakar Vaish who has many remarkable achievements in the field of Robotics including his latest Robotic Football Team and brain controlled Wheel Chair at just the age 23

Diwakar Vaish is an Indian robotics researcher and Head of Robotics and Research at A-SET Training and Research Institutes. This 23 years old guy is the developer of India’s first completely indigenous 3D printed humanoid robot Manav at just the age 18, India’s first mind controlled robot and robotic football team, and world’s first production brain controlled wheelchair. These technologies and robots were developed at the labs of A-SET Training & Research Institutes.

Manav, the dancing Robot, designed by Diwakar at just age 18:

Here’s the Diwakar’s story at Media

Diwakar has many achievements to his credit and the list goes on here:

  • He is the developer and the mind behind Manav, India’s first completely indigenous 3D printed humanoid robot which can dance and do push-ups.
  • In 2016, he developed the world’s first production brain controlled wheelchair which uses the brain’s electrical impulses to command the wheelchair. It has been developed for patients of Locked In Syndrome (LIS).
  • He is guest lecturer at IIT Roorkee, IIT (BHU), IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Guwahati, IIT Bhubaneswar, BITS Pilani, BITS Goa, BIT Mesra, NIT Warangal, NIT Kurukshetra, NIT Surat, IIIT Delhi, IIIT Jabalpur, VIT, Vellore.
  • He is the developer of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle named “Versatile” which has the capability of changing its shape according to the terrain.
  • His work has been recognised by former president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam & Smt. Pratibha Patil.
  • He has delivered two TEDx Talks TEDx Juhu (July 2015) and TEDx IIM Shillong (February 2016).

Diwakar at TedX Juhu

Since then he has not looked back and had been into many mischievous projects including:

  • Making the India’s first fully Autonomous Football playing Humanoid Soccer team.
  • Researching India’s first mind controlled Robot.
  • Lecturering to various top colleges of India which includes 7 IIT’s various NIT’s, BITS, BIT, IIIT, VIT and various other Institutes.

    Made in India 1st mind controlled wheelchair makes movement easy for paralytic patients, designed by Diwakar Vaish at just an age of 23 .

    We wish Diwakar goodluck for all his future endevours and hope many more great achievements coming his way and a revolution in Robotics industry.


Meet World’s first siblings and twins to climb Seven Summits to complete Adventurers Grand Slam and Three Poles Challenge and their message to this world

Nungshi and Tashi Malik are the World’s first twin sisters to  climb Seven Summits to complete Adventurers Grand Slam and Three Poles Challenge.

Sibiling Tashi and Nungshi are Indian originally from Haryana and currently residing in Dehradun. On 16 Dec 2014, Nungshi & Tashi scaled Mt Vinson in Antarctica, completing their ‘Seven Summits’ and becoming the World’s First twin sisters to conquer.

They took up this adventurous challenge and successfully hoisted the Indian flag across the world. They say the mountains are just in our hearts and we have to overcome them first.

Their message to this world: They said nobody asked us about our vision, what we want to do with our lives, no matter what the rest of the world likes to do, you define your life and success. Live the life which you want to live. Giving credit to their father who is a retired Indian army officer, they said he encouraged them to pursue their dreams. He said what are you afraid of and be what you want to be. Live the life on your own terms. You have to make it right and you have to take right decisions. After-all it’s your life.

Here they speak up at Ted-X inspiring people to take up challenges, be adventurous and do what you want to do. You have one life and it’s only one. Here’s what they have to convey to this world:

They reached Mt Everest (World’s & Asia’s highest peak) May 2013 Mt Elbrus (Europe’s highest peak) Aug 2013 Mt Aconcagua (S. America’s highest peak) Jan 2014 Mt Carstensz Pyramid (Australasia’s highest peak) Mar 2014 (World’s youngest and 2nd pair of twins) Mt McKinley (N America’s highest peak) Jun 2014 Mt Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest peak) Feb 2012 and O3 Jul 2015.

After the Seven Summits, on 28 Dec 2014 they reached South Pole on skies and on 21 Apr 2015 by skiing to North Pole the twins have completed the ‘Explorers Grand Slam’ under mission#UnchaiyonSeAage (beyond heights).

Apart from becoming world’s first siblings and twins, they are now the youngest women ever to complete the Explorers Grand Slam. They also wish to contribute to peace through adventure.

Post Everest, the twin sisters successfully completed #mission2for7, conquering the tallest peak in each of the seven continents for the cause of the Indian Girl Child, with the Vision: •Through mountaineering achievements, promote mountaineering as a sport. •Encourage the girl child to dream and achieve. •To win on behalf of all girl children.

We wish them all the best for all their future endevours and their efforts for a vision of peace, encouraging the girls all around.